About the team

We share the same story. We have always been fascinated by celebrations. We love milestones.

We love to celebrate life. We want to have the happiest memories and the greatest stories to cherish. Everything started from a piqued interest. The interest turned to a dream. The dream later turned to reality.

Stat Events and Trends lives its dream of creating nothing but the happiest memories. We started with the interest of how successful celebrations are crafted. This intensifying interest became a dream. We believed in our dream. We decided and stood up for a CHOICE. The choice led us to take our CHANCES. The chance to make CHANGES, the opportunity to change other people’s lives.

Choices, Chances and Changes. This is what Stat Events and Trends are made of. We believe that everyone’s lives are bound by the same Cs. Stat Events and Trends will support you in the same way we imagined and chased our dreams.  Our portfolio of fulfilled dreams are made of weddings and birthdays. We offer services that would craft your dream celebration to reality. We will help you plan, execute and preserve those rare and happiest memories. Everything will start from your choice to follow your dream, taking the chance to make everything happen and trusting us for the greatest change we will make in to your lives.​

The Small Details

Stat Events and Trends traces its humble beginnings in 2010 by Marifi Quisay- Antonio. While most event management businesses are formed by people with a background in marketing, communications and public relations, Marifi was a full-time nurse and a registered midwife. Starting as an event planner for friends’ affairs, she developed a passion for weddings and later extended to debut parties, corporate and social gatherings. Though coming from a medical field, Muffy, as her friends call her, actively participated in extracurricular activities during her High School and University Years. Backed with a comprehensive knowledge in handling multiple projects and administrative works, she made the choice to pursue what would eventually be her foremost career and passion. Consistent with the company’s vision of being the number one social event company in the South of Manila, Stat Events and Trends now on its 9th year continues to set the trend for innovative and exciting Weddings & Debuts.


Currently, venturing to a broader aspects of event management, she also manages Here Comes Thy Guide Bridal Fair – a wedding exhibit happening yearly at Tagaytay International Convention Center in Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines.

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